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About The Kratom Federation

The reason that The Kratom Federation started is that Kratom is under heavy attack from multiple angles. I have been taking Kratom for a decade, and I understand how devastating it would be to so many people if this miracle plant was banned. Simultaneously however, I believe that all it really takes to win the Kratom fight is for Kratom users to unite and all tell their stories about how Kratom has benefited, if not saved their lives. These stories combined with peer reviewed scientific research showing the fundamental safety and benefits of Kratom is certainly enough to reverse the stance of any anti-Kratom politicians or regulators. I believe now is the time to aggregate multitudes of Kratom stories and scientific research into petitions and educational memorandums to send to government officials, before it is too late and Kratom is banned in a surprise attack, and that is why The Kratom Federation has been launched.

The Kratom Federation’s Mission & Goals


The Kratom Federation is collecting the signatures and stories of Kratom users, and will combine them with cutting edge peer reviewed scientific research on Kratom, in order to send education memorandums to government officials in order to keep Kratom legal


The Kratom Federation will compile a vast assortment of Kratom stories, in addition to all of the latest science and information on Kratom, into the ultimate Kratom book, in order to teach chronic pain patients and people with drug addiction issues about Kratom in order to better their lives


The Kratom Federation will spread awareness about the benefits of Kratom and the fight to keep Kratom legal across the internet using the latest science and the Kratom stories we collect


Aside from creating the ultimate Kratom book, The Kratom Federation will also create Kratom infographics and educational pamplets in order to educate politicians, regulators, and the world in general about Kratom


Aside from including the Kratom stories we collect into educational Kratom memorandums that will be sent to government officials in order to keep Kratom legal, we will also be using these stories in order to compile the ultimate Kratom book, a book which will have a vast amount of stories about how Kratom saved people from drug addiction and chronic pain. This book will educate the world about Kratom like never before, and the goal is to benefit, if not save, the lives of chronic pain patients and people with drug addiction issues, in addition to helping to win the Kratom legalization fight.

Add Your Story To The Ultimate Kratom Book

Here are just several of the hundreds of Kratom stories we have received so far

Kratom helps millions of people across the globe. It has helped me with back and nerve pain for years, in addition to helping my anxiety and depression. It is a wonderful plant, the FDA wants to spread misinformation about it, and make us criminals. We need to stop criminalizing plants!

Please allow us to consume kratom it has saved my life with chronic pain and cravings such as for alcohol. I’m willing to be a test case to prove my findings. I am able to work full time when before I couldn’t even tie my shoes or get out of bed. Please stop taking away herbal remedies. Stop trying to ban my rights as an American citizen.

Kratom has saved me & I’m pretty sure I would be in legal trouble without it. If I don’t have it I have to take pain pills for my pain. Then when pills are gone I do heroin. I have legit pain & trauma to my body. Kratom is a God send. I could go on and on but to sum it up, it is really good for society and people like me, and there are many people like me.

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