Privacy Policy

Here at The Kratom Federation we strive to ensure that any data you submit, such as your name, e-mail, and Kratom story, is kept secure and only used for the Kratom legalization fight. Both Kratom stories and names will be used for Kratom petitions and memorandums that will be sent to government officials in order to support the fight to keep Kratom legal. Also, you can choose an anonymous name. As for e-mail addresses collected, they will be used to send updates to you about the latest developments in the Kratom legalization fight, such as if a Kratom ban has been imminently proposed on a state, local, or federal level. Also, The Kratom Federation will be conducting a survey in order to write a scientific paper on Kratom uses and statistics, and will send the survey via email as well. Essentially, the data collected by The Kratom Federation will only be used to support the Kratom legalization fight, and nothing else.