Donate Any Amount To Help Fund Sending Physical Copies Of This Book To Government Officials

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Donate to The Kratom Federation in order to sponsor the printing and shipping of a physical copy of The Kratom Federation Book that will be sent to a government official. Notably, every $50 donated will supply another physical book to a government official.

Although The Kratom Federation will be sending digital copies of this book to as many government officials as possible, sending physical copies to government officials is a more powerful way to ensure that Kratom stays legal, since the digital copies could easily get buried in the government official’s e-mail inbox, and also it is cumbersome to read a 600 page digital book and it is much easier to read a physical book.

Therefore, if you donate and sponsor a physical book, it can go a long way towards keeping Kratom legal. Books will be sent to the President, Congress, Supreme Court, regulatory organizations, State Legislators and government officials, etc.

The Kratom Federation Book includes 1,100+ real-life stories about how Kratom has saved Americans from chronic pain, drug addiction, and mental health issues, and if you are a Kratom user or thinking about starting Kratom, it is an extraordinary experience to go through and read these stories.

Further, the book includes a plethora of scientific evidence from dozens of peer-reviewed studies which proves the safety and benefits of Kratom. Literally, practically all of the Kratom science which exists is contained within this book, and therefore anyone who is eager to have a full understanding of Kratom science should read this book.

This is the most thorough, elaborate, and extensive Kratom book in history, and the intention of this book is to spread the truth about Kratom to American Citizens and all facets of the United States government in order to prevent a Kratom ban, since if Kratom is banned millions of lives could be destroyed.


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