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Now is the time to act to keep Kratom legal, since the FDA is saying that Kratom will soon be declared Schedule I. Please sign this petition/memorandum to keep Kratom legal by filling out the form at the end of this arcticle. Also, if you include your story about how Kratom benefited, if not saved, your life it would be extremely helpful, since these real-life stories help politicians and regulators to understand how important Kratom is to millions of Americans, and how banning Kratom would lead to untold death and destruction.

Also, when you sign this petition/memorandum you will receive a free 350+ page Kratom E-Book, which will automatically download when you hit submit.

This E-Book is the first edition of the petition/memorandum which is currently being sent to politicians and regulators across the United States to keep kratom legal. It includes 1,000+ real-life stories about how Kratom has benefited and saved the lives of people battling drug and alcohol addiction, severe chronic pain conditions, and mental health issues. Additionally, this E-Book includes extensive peer-reviewed scientific information which proves the safety and efficacy of Kratom.

Your signature and Kratom story will be added to a 2nd edition of this E-Book, which will have even more scientific information about the benefits, safety, and efficacy of Kratom, as well as hopefully thousands of more real-life Kratom stories. The 2nd edition will be sent to politicians and regulators across the government to keep Kratom legal.

Please sign the petition/memorandum by filling out the below form, and please tell your Kratom story if you have time. By doing so you will truly be helping to save lives, since keeping Kratom legal is a lifesaving effort. Your free Kratom E-Book will automatically download upon submission.