Sign This Petition To Help Ensure That Kratom Stays Legal, Since It Could Soon Be Declared Illegal Nationwide And Millions Of Lives Would Be Destroyed

Sign This Petition To Help Ensure That Kratom Stays Legal, Since It Could Soon Be Declared Illegal Nationwide And Millions Of Lives Would Be Destroyed

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Attention all Kratom users! Kratom is under attack from multiple angles and it could soon be declared illegal nationwide. If that happens it will lead to an untold amount of death and destruction, since the 15 million Americans who use Kratom will have no alternative besides life destroying synthetic opioids and opiates. Please sign this petition in order to help ensure that Kratom stays legal.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has told the United States Congress that they have been pushing the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to declare Kratom a Schedule I illegal drug, and the FDA says that the DEA is almost ready to pull the trigger. If this happens there will be just a 30 day comment period before Kratom becomes illegal everywhere, and the signatures and Kratom stories collected by this petition will be one of the only ways to fight back to attempt to keep Kratom legal during the 30 day comment period. Even better, this petition will be sent to the DEA and all other politicians and regulators in an attempt to prevent Kratom from being declared Schedule I in the first place.

Another serious FDA attack is that the FDA has declared Kratom an unapproved food additive, by saying that Kratom added to pills or water is a food additive, and this strategy is already leading to chaos in Ohio where Kratom is being pulled off store shelves by the Department of Agriculture statewide. If this FDA strategy works in Ohio, then the FDA will declare Kratom an unapproved food additive nationwide, and Kratom will become effectively illegal.

In other words, Kratom is facing a serious two pronged attack from the FDA, and the Kratom community needs to act now to stop the FDA and its attacks before it is too late and Kratom becomes irrevocably and permanently illegal. If either of these FDA attacks succeed, Kratom will become unavailable and Kratom users will be declared criminals overnight.

Beyond all of that, attempted Kratom bans continue to roll in on the Municipal and State levels all across the country, and these are being fueled by the FDA’s misinformation campaign against Kratom. So not only do we need to defend Kratom against the FDA on a Federal level, but also in every State, County, and City in the nation.

In order to make this petition as powerful as possible, the signatures and Kratom stories in this petition will be combined with all of the latest peer reviewed scientific studies showing the safety, efficacy, and benefits of Kratom, in an easily readable format.

Also, this petition will be sent in waves, meaning that after every 1,000 signatures this petition will be sent to the President, all members of Congress, the FDA, DEA, USDA, Department of Health, State Governments, Local Governments, and all other politicians and regulators, and each time it is sent it will be stronger and stronger with 1,000 more signatures and additional scientific information about Kratom being added each time.

Essentially, the Kratom Federation is aiming to educate all of the politicians and regulators in the United States about the enormous benefits and safety of Kratom, in order to crush the FDA misinformation campaign, and to reverse the stance of even the staunchest anti-Kratom politicians and regulators.

Literally, the well-being and lives of countless millions of Americans is at stake, since multitudes of people depend on Kratom for chronic pain and managing opioid dependence. An untold amount of people will have their lives destroyed or even die if Kratom is declared illegal, since they will be forced to use other much more dangerous and addictive drugs, so it is a lifesaving effort to keep Kratom legal, and you can help save lives by signing this petition.

Please fill out the form below to sign the petition, and please share this petition as much as possible with the social media buttons below. An essential part of this petition is your Kratom story. Although it is optional, a short summary of how Kratom benefited, if not saved, your life would be very helpful, since it will show politicians and regulators how Kratom has benefited the lives of Americans, and how it will cause massive damage if Kratom is banned.